Children: Cards/Cardstock

This group of photographs include both postcard and cardstock formats. Born in Elkins, West Virginia, James Henry Beard (1924-1988) is the subject of the first photo. Saylie Jane Beard (1900-1976) born in Huttonsville, West Virginia is the baby in the next picture. The next photo is on a postcard with the notation “Leonard Lee Dorcas, age 4 months, 2 days, Weight 18 lbs.” He was born in 1929 in Charleston, West Virginia, and died in 1981.   The next two children pictured are Lushia Dorcas (1921-2004) and Harvey McDonald (1926-1997). The photograph of Mary Katherine Newsome (1925-2002) is followed by a photo of the baby Billy Smith on a postcard. Dean Taylor is the baby in the next photograph. It is in postcard format and was taken at the Ferguson Studio in Elkins, West Virginia. The last labeled photo of Harold R. Vaughn (1909-1987) was taken at the Fischer Studio in Marietta, Ohio . It is also in postcard format. The next four photos were not labeled; however, the very last picture is a postcard from the Ferguson studio.


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