Cardstock Portaits: Men

This set of photos are printed on cardstock. Although these portraits are professionally done, very few bare the name of the photographer. The first photograph is of Charles and is dated 1923. The second picture is of Walter Campbell. The third is of Ben Dorcas. There is a Benny Dorcas, age 7, in the 1900 US Census for Randolph County, West Virginia. The next photo is of Bill Davis. John Lee is on the following photo followed by a photograph of Cyrus Meeks who is listed in the 1920 US Census for Randolph County, West Virginia at age 21. Howard Randolph is pictured in the next photograph. Brothers, Nelson (1901-1969) and Marvel (1897-1958) Tibbs are depicted in following two photos. Earnest Green (1878-1914) is pictured with Ben Turner in the next photograph. The young men in the WWI uniforms are identified as Charles Slaughter, Milton Williams, and Mr. Curtis and the picture is from the Ferguson Studio in Elkins, West Virginia. It is unknown if the names are assigned from left to right. The next two pictures are of clergymen: Reverend Benjamin Franklin Newsome (1861-1940) and Reverend D.S. Slaughter. Rev. Dennis S. Slaughter is listed in the 1921 Elkins, West Virginia City Directory as the pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church. His portrait was done at the Brown Studio in Richmond, Virginia. Reverend Newsome is listed in the Morgantown, West Virginia City Directory for several years; however, no church is listed. The next four photos are not labeled.

10 thoughts on “Cardstock Portaits: Men

  1. Margaret,
    I saw a picture of Ben Dorcas and his daughter Lushia.

    Also my Dads side of the family was Lawson and I saw pictures of my paternal grandmother’ sisters. What memoriesl

    Norma Rogers


  2. I was delighted to see a photograph of my grandfather Marvel Tibbs and my great uncle
    Nelson Tibbs on your posting. I was born in Elkins and return yearly for the Greene, Tibbs,
    Lewis family reunion. Hubert Dorcas married my great aunt Delphia Tibbs. Are we related?
    Betty Jo Tibbs Butler Howard


  3. Hi Betty: May I say your grandfather was very handsome. I am not directly related to the Dorcas family. He was my grandmother’s stepfather. However a member of the Dorcas family did leave a comment and I would bet you are related. Richard Green (1833-1896) from Elkins was my great-great grandfather. He married Margaret Hall. Are these names in your family tree? Thank you for viewing my blog.



  4. Hello Margaret: My great grandmother was Minerva Green Tibbs. Her father was Joshua Green born about 1844. Joshua had a son Richard born in 1869. possibly a namesake of your great great grandfather. The 1st record I have of Joshua Green is the 1870 census


  5. Margaret; I have an old geneology chart , drawn up at a family reunion. My great,
    great Grandfather Joshua Green had two brothers Richard Green and Adam Green
    in Randolph County W.V.
    Betty Jo


  6. According to family historys that I have from past family reunions , Joshua Green
    my Great, Great Grandfather came to Rich Mountain by way of Huttonsville. He
    was one of several children. Not much is known of his parents except that his mother was a slave in Virginia. She had several children many who were the children of white slave masters. Mrs Sylvia Daugherty gives us the following names as sisters and brothers to Joshua Green; Minerva, Littie, Beckie, Tommie, Doliver Baxter, Adam
    Green, and Harris Brown. Richard and Adam Green are listed as Joshua’s brothers
    on a chart compiled by the Green Family. I do not have death dates for Richard.
    Are any of these names familar?
    Betty Jo


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