This photo is unusual as it is on a ticket for admission to see Little Forest Sims, The Blind Musical Wonder.  The price of admission is fifty cents.  The following article, Four Year Old Blind Musician, was in the Minnesota paper, The Appeal, Saturday, June 3, 1922:   “Little Forest Sims, the son of Rev. and Mrs. J. Sims of Cleveland, Ohio, was born blind four years ago, and is a fair rival of “Blind Tom” as a pianist.  According to Rev. Sims, he was offered $10,000 a year, with family expenses to enter him on the big time vaudeville circuit.”  In addition, under the Afro-American News Notes section of the Sandusky Star Journal, Thursday, February 3, 1921:” . . . the boy prodigy, Forest Sims, a blind boy. . .was born October 16, 1917, in Birmingham, Alabama.  To see him and to study him one is convinced he is endowed with unusual power.  He plays and imitates birds and most of nature’s sounds.  This unusual child will appear in concert at Second Baptist Church, Monday evening, February 7.”  Another report in the New York paper, New York Age, July 8, 1933, edition reports another performance at Brook Chapel in Hillburn, New York.  While the young performer is not a resident of West Virginia, the ticket is a small indication of the types of entertainment available to the community.  The images below are the front and back of ticket.

2 thoughts on “Ticket

  1. I have searched the web looking for my distant cousin for several years! Thank you for posting this info about Forest Sims. I’m trying my best to paste together my family tree and I only have bits and pieces that my mother knows, which is not much. If you know of any other websites with information about Forest, please share.

    Thank you!
    Tiffany Alexander


    1. You’re welcome. I’m glad I was able to aid in you’re research. I also have a number of brick walls. My Grandmother did not leave any information about the ticket. The information I posted came from researching historical newspapers. You many be able to find additional information using that resource as I found information with relative ease. I only spent a few hours in research. There are several free digital newspaper databases on line.


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